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About us

Who we are

We are four founders and trustees of The Pickwell Foundation – Susannah, Steve, Tracey & Richard. We set out as two families in 2008 to explore a new way of living and working together at Pickwell Manor on the North Devon coast. We established the foundation to use profits from our business enterprises to have a positive social impact. With seven new businesses and one business sale behind us, the Pickwell Foundation is now at the centre of what we do.

The Pickwell Foundation is a grant making charity and the annual funding pot is drawn from our businesses and our social investments, that are largely in the green energy and social housing sectors. We give small to medium size grants, by invitation, mainly to charities that are working either with displaced people or in the area of climate change.

We also support Community Sponsorship groups in the North Devon area and you can find out about that aspect of our work here.