‘’Preparing a Place of Welcome – The Pickwell Foundation Pledge for Resettlement 2024-29’’

The Global Compact on Refugees was officially affirmed by the UN General Assembly on 17 December 2018, paving the way for this new international framework to be implemented and to bring tangible benefits for refugee and host communities.

The Foundation team have been busy preparing pledges and contributions that advance the objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees and will achieve tangible benefits for refugees and host communities.

Pledges are put forward, discussed and celebrated at a very high level event called the Global Refugee Forum (GFR) which takes place every few years. This year it will be co-convened by six States- Colombia, France, Japan, Jordan, Niger and Uganda and co-hosted by Switzerland and the UNHCR. The Forum will take place in Geneva from 13th to 15th December 2023.