Community Sponsorship

For centuries refugees have come to Britain seeking safety and a chance to rebuild their lives. In recent years, one of the most successful ways has been through community resettlement.

In 2015, in response to the Syrian refugee crisis David Cameron pledged that Britain would take in 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020. One way to do this has been through a scheme called ‘The Community Sponsorship Scheme’.

In this scheme community groups take on the responsibility of welcoming, supporting and helping to resettle refugee families.

There are now more than 150 sponsorship groups within the UK and 5 of these are in North Devon. As the Pickwell Foundation we have helped support and sponsor two community sponsorship groups to welcome families to resettle in Georgeham and Barnstaple. We are currently supporting other groups in Ilfracombe, Chulmleigh and Goodleigh.

The UK government has committed to resettling 5000 refugees from 2020-21. This is great, but we know that more can be done. The number of refugees welcomed through community sponsorship will be additional to the 5000 the Government has committed to resettling. We would love to hear from you if you would like to consider forming a sponsorship group in North Devon to support a family to resettle. You can contact us here

You can read more about the Community Sponsorship Scheme from our South West Partner CHARIS and our friends at RESET. You can also download a Home Office Guide to community sponsorship here