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Climate Change

Find out about some of the organisations that we support both nationally and internationally.


Green New Deal Group

We are providing core funding to support the Green New Deal Group to work across the political spectrum in the UK and beyond.This is the group who first proposed the policy framework of the ‘Green New Deal’ back in 2008. It is based on the proposal to provide a package of economic stimulus for green infrastructure to address to both climate change and social inequality. It has recently become a central focus of political attention in the USA.


ClientEarth is a charity that is comprised of environmental activist lawyers. They work to protect the environment through advocacy, litigation and science. They recognise that strong laws are the best tools that we have to protect the environment. They work on this by; assisting in the writing of environmental law; ensuring that relevant law is properly implemented; and helping hold businesses and governments to account.

The Pickwell Foundation is really pleased to be providing grant funding to their ‘Climate Accountability’ initiative over the next two years. This initiative is working to develop the legal, scientific and academic evidence on the legal liability of CO2 emitters. Through this they are looking to find compensation for their contribution to the damage caused by man made climate change. In turn this can then drive climate change mitigation by compelling states and corporations to take responsibility through meaningful action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

CEPAD (Nicaragua)

We also support Amos Trust in their partnership with an organisation called CEPAD in Nicaragua. CEPAD works with rural communities on a five-year cycle to help them to achieve economic stability and food security. They help the communities to identify development needs and support them in putting together a five-year plan of training and education to help them to address these needs.

We are supporting CEPAD’s work with seven communities in Teustepe, a region in the southern part of Nicaragua as it goes through the five-year cycle. Life for communities in Teustepe has become increasingly challenging over the last few years and the persistence of the El Nino effect has led to a three year long drought. Part of CEPAD’s work is helping them to become more resilient in the face of climate change.

Renewable World

Renewable World tackles poverty by providing energy-poor rural communities with access to small-scale, community owned renewable energy solutions. In doing this they aim to address the root causes of poverty; to support people to create new income generating opportunities; to reduce the health impacts of the use of dangerous polluting fuels such as kerosene; and to cut carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability. They work with local partners to provide training so that communities can benefit most fully from the opportunities the new energy brings.

We currently support Renewable World’s project in Eastern Nicaragua. This is helping 65 households and 6 microenterprises across three remote communities to access home and enterprise solar energy systems through a bespoke micro-credit system.


World Wildlife Fund

We are currently supporting a pilot project of the World Wildlife Fund in conjunction with Swansea University. They are working to restore two hectares of seagrass meadows at Dale in Milford Haven. There is currently a global loss of seagrass at 7% per year. This has a major impact on both biodiversity and climate change. It is calculated that 10% of global ocean carbon storage is in seagrass.

Seagrass meadows are able to store carbon at a rate of over 30 times that of tropical rainforests. To date the UK has lost over 50% of its seagrass meadows. Their restoration has the potential to play an important role in the UK reaching its carbon targets.


This is a group of mostly under 18’s who are currently challenging the political inaction on the climate crisis. It was set up by a small group of volunteers taking inspiration from the student protests started by Greta Thunberg. We are currently providing core funding for them to support them in effectively making their demands for the government to:

  • Communicate the severity of the ecological crisis and the necessity to act now
  • Declare a climate emergency and implement a Green New Deal
  • Reform the national curriculum so that it address the ecological crisis as a educational priority
  • Recognise that young people have the biggest stake in our future and to incorporate their views in policy making

10:10 Climate Action

10:10 Climate Action are a fresh and dynamic charity that run positive and practical campaigns focusing on tackling climate change at the community level. Through individual and local actions they work to force bigger, more systemic environmental change.

Some of their current campaign include; LED street lighting; Blown Away – a campaign for onshore wind; and support for local renewable and community energy. Through their #itshappening campaign they have  celebrated the wide range on ways in which we are shifting to a lower carbon economy.


Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth has been at the forefront of tackling the greatest environmental threats for nearly 50 years. They have been instrumental in inspiring a step change in public and political thinking – but there is lots still to do. Their current campaigns include those on clean air, tracking, fossil free, bees and greener streets.

New Economy Organisers Network (NEON)

NEON is an independent network of organisers from over 900 civil society groups that have a common goal of developing a society built on social, environmental and economic justice. NEON focuses on providing networking, skills training, support, leadership development as well as cross cutting programmes.

We are providing core funding for the next 3 years to help support NEON to expand and build its capacity.