‘For a time’ between the late winter of 2022 and early summer of 2023 a hotel in a seaside town of North Devon was used by the Home Office as part of the Asylum Dispersal initiative to lessen the impact on the towns and cities in the south east of England.  

Realising that this would bear some impact on the town the local authority engaged The Pickwell Foundation to coordinate a response to support the guests placed into the hotel. Along the way many local organisations, community groups and individuals responded by offering time and space and resources to make that support possible.

One of these generous individuals was Toby Adamson, a photographer with years of experience documenting events and stories from all around the world. He gave his time to capture some of the story and the images included in this exhibition are the result of these months of work. Toby is a skilled craftsman and so the images you see are entirely authentic; nothing staged or set up but rather genuine insights into moments of joy and grief, pain and connection. Want to hire our exhibition and share this important message with your audience? Either email for more detail or complete our booking form via the buttons below: