For centuries refugees have come to Britain seeking safety and a chance to rebuild their lives. In recent years, one of the most successful ways has been through community resettlement.

In 2015, in response to the Syrian refugee crisis David Cameron pledged that Britain would take in 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020. One of the routes was through a scheme called ‘The Community Sponsorship Scheme’. 

Community Sponsorship is a way for local communities, civil society organisations, charities, and faith groups to be directly involved in helping refugees settle in the UK. Community sponsors provide emotional and practical support to empower families to rebuild their lives in safety, and to become self-sufficient members of their new community. 

As a Lead Sponsor we have recruited, trained, and supported 13 groups of volunteers who have either welcomed, or are in the process of welcoming, refugee families through the Community Sponsorship Scheme, both locally in Northern Devon and nationally.

Community Sponsorship Ambassadors

We’re really hoping our volunteer community (especially those in existing community sponsorship teams) and friends of the Foundation can help us to form these new groups nationally. Your personal experience about what it’s like to work alongside us in supporting displaced people will make you a powerful ambassador!

So,  how can you help?

We have 3 favours to ask you:

1) Please share our Foundation communications and events from our various social media platforms to your own networks.

2) Would any organisations (clubs, churches etc) you, or your friends belong to, like us to come and speak about the Community Sponsorship scheme? If so, please contact our Community Sponsorship lead, Sara Wilson

3) Please could you email your own network, to ask for their help? In case it’s helpful for your communication, we have made a little suggested message here.

Community Sponsorship Partners

You can also read more about the Community Sponsorship Scheme from our South West Partner CHARIS and our friends at RESET.                      

Community Sponsorship Alliance

Trustee and director for the asylum and refugee work – Susannah Baker MBE – is co-chair of the national group ‘Community Sponsorship Alliance’ (CSA). This advocacy group meet regularly with the Home Office to help steer and advise on sponsorship policy and growing the scheme.


Sara Wilson Community Sponsorship Lead

Khadeja Alamary Community Resettlement Ambassador